What's up with me lately....

What's up with me lately?
(Whoever reads this must have nothing better else to do but I am grateful if you did and wow... such patience! =)))

Wow. This is going to be a nice feature on my blog. Ha-ha. A personal update about me and what is going on in my life. (I don't care if you DON'T want to know because after all THIS IS my blog and you are very much welcome to make up your own.)it really wouldn't matter eh? Maybe.. but what the heck. Let's make this interesting.

So, last Thursday officially marked a month long stay of ours in school, in class 3A. Even if we are there for a month already it is not like we didn't feel the days pass us by because we did. As a matter of fact I felt it took so long for the day to end. Everything happened so slowly and I do not know... I want to end school already. That's seems sad right? I probably do not mean it.

Nothing significant has yet happened except for the stress that I have been feeling lately. You just don't know! Let me paint you a picture: one of our test is in essay and you just seem to take it easy since the question doesn't seem so hard. I wrote all the things I knew and I thought it would suffice. Once the test notebooks were returned... the shock of my life: 6/20. Now who would be happy would that kind of score? It bothered US but it was okay since it was the FIRST. We just had our 2nd long test and let's see what comes out of my essay.

As usual, tests. Math is particularly hard this year since we are taking up Geometry. I like the teacher and she is really great but the tests are frustrating in the very essence of the word. As one teacher we spoke to has put it: "You do not know why you do not know!" We understand all the theorems, postulates, definitions and all but once an item is given I personally do not know how to begin. And just when I thought I got it all in the bag I did not. My scores weren't good. I'm waiting for the next test result and from there I'll weigh in the options if I do really need help.

We had our class mass and it went well. I read in front of my classmates and it was scary. Scary because you just don't know how they'll receive you. It is, after all, our first class mass and my first time to read in front of them.

... That was about it... I do not really have anything great to say right? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up nothing GREAT hasn't transpired yet.

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