Michael Phelps

The Olympics is older than your great-great-great-great-great grandfather (or if he still alive then add more "great" in the phrase). So for us to think that somebody must've already been the GREATEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIME is not far-fetched. I mean it has been centuries... There must've been one guy who was extremely great at his sport that he deserves this title from the get-go.

BUT, alas, it is just this year: 2008, the day and age of modern Olympics, that one person has been accorded the title of being "THE GREATEST OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIME!!!!" His name is: MICHAEL PHELPS (as if you haven't already heard.) Check this out:

August 10 400 m individual medley Gold Medal, World Record 4:03.84

August 11 4 x 100 m freestyle relay Gold Medal, World Record 3:08.24

August 12 200 m freestyle Gold Medal, World Record 1:42.96

August 13 200 m butterfly Gold Medal,
World Record 1:52.03

August 13 4 x 200 m freestyle relay Gold Medal, World Record 6:58.56

August 15 200 m individual medley Gold Medal, World Record 1:54.23

He only needs 2 more gold medal to surpass a record of having the most number of medals at one Olympics. But of course, if he isn't contented he could at least win one more to set a new record. That is if he isn't contented... (Most likely! :)))

But this is interesting... Ha-ha!:

Could everyone please stop hyperventilating about Michael Phelps. Yes, he now has won more gold medals than anyone in Olympic history.

UPDATE: Swim-king Michael Phelps wins his 7th gold medal of the 2008 Olympics games with a win in the 100-meter butterfly on Friday in Beijing, China. 1 more!!!!!

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