It is neither Halloween nor would I ever make this story up.

So, last night my sister and I were left home alone. She was in her room while I was just outside, in the hallway, using my laptop. Nobody was definitely in the house other than the two of us. Downstairs the lights were dimmed and I am conveniently sitting where I could see the stairs and the other 2 rooms.

Nothing unusual was supposed to happen until I heard some footsteps. It was coming from below and it was like climbing onto the stairs. I checked the stairs but liked I said the lights were off and nobody was visible. I didn't mind it. However, something wrong was just to be felt and it was very eerie. I kept looking to the corner of the hallway where I felt that somebody was looking over at me.
You know that feeling you get when somebody is looking at you? That was what I felt.

For a couple of minutes I forgot about the whole situation. But not for long the shoe bag to my left was moved beyond doubt! The shoe rack it belonged in didn't move but the bag did and so did it's price tag. It was not air, there was no earthquake and somebody just tried to move it and I swear I'm not joking. I froze for a moment and then I went to my sister's room and I told her all about it.

She was not scared at all but I was. For the last time I checked the hallway and I took a mental picture of the area. I noticed the slippers lying straight on the floor facing north. I thought to myself that if anybody was in here something should be out of place. I returned to her room and both of us continued on with what we were doing.

It was already late and I was going to unplug the router in my parents' room. So I got out of my sister's room and I immediately saw the slippers properly placed onto the floor facing to the west!!!!! I lost my sanity and I was really scared. I called my mom and they said they have just arrived. I told her all about it and she said neither one of them went upstairs and
so who could've changed the slipper's position?

I have no logical explanation for this. I mean this is the first time something like this ever happened to me... I don't know what it was. Something was scaring me that's for sure. But my parents think that it was my lolo visiting me. Since my lola is arriving today probably he was reminding me to take care of her for him. :-O

(Photo courtesy by Google. Not mine. ok?)

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