VMA 2008

It just had been announced that the JoBros are performing for this year's MTV Video Music Awards but that is not what I'm all head over heels for! =)) Because if you are just like me you'd also be excited for this show that will once again define POP CULTURE! Whether it will be a shocker or disappointment, rest assured we will all be caught by surprise with what is in store for us in this year's show.

Who wouldn't like to see our favorites perform what is going to be the performance that they will be known for!? (Uhh... When i think of VMAs it's all about Britney's schindig but hey the Beyonce-descent-from-the-ceiling spectacle was great!) ...So, get ready for the 25th Annual MTV VMAs 2008 from Paramount Studios in Hollywood on September 7, 2008 (that will be Sept. 8 here.)
Can't wait! :D

UPDATE: Russell Brand hosts and check out this new promos....

Russell Brand is a popular comic in the UK. In case you are wondering who the heck is he... :)

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