A teacher of mine asked what makes friends so special. I raised my hand and told her that they are really the reason why you want to wake up everyday (at least for me... okay! maybe one of the reasons. jeez.) and what makes them special is the fact that you chose them. Coming to think about it you could very well not include them in your life. But that would be a sad, miserable life your living to say the least as well. :))

"Everybody deserves to have great friends." This isn't an original quote from me but it does present truth. You may be the most despised person I have in this world but it doesn't mean I don't want you to find great sets of friends! (Just not from mine of couse. JK! =))) You know what I mean. Life is really pointless without investing in relationships. That is all that counts in the end and you should by now know who they are.


With that said, I'm really glad that I have FRIENDS.
True, Sincere and yeah, not grounded by "dotA". (oops.)
There's nothing like knowing that they have your back all the time.

I had a swell of a time in Bulacan thanks to: Victor, Migi, Ian, Gregg, Bjorn, Joseph, Nico and Karl! :> pictures after sembreak since heading off to Iloilo soon and no internet. Hope you have a great sembreak guys! :D


Bjorn has always been the one who document the quote and quote: "kada" pics. (His term not mine!) So let me redirect you to his blog to check our pics from Bulacan! HAHA! Notice someone in the far left? Camouflage. joking.


nabielijah17 said...

rock on bro!\m/ looking forward to see you in the next hangouts and outings...enjoy life, always!=D

Lorenz said...

woot! comment appreciated! =))

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