Jazz Up Your Denim - October 23

What looked liked an additional, uninvited, stressful work became an opportunity for us to showcase our talents by just making the most out of it. Josef Montinola, Bjorn Bedayo and I along with our art teacher/coach /mentor/ life adviser/ guidance counselor/ friend Sir Cheto Aniceto participated and became involved in the “Jazz up Your Jeans” on-the-spot making contest that was organized by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines and was sponsored by Levi Strauss and it is in its 3rd Year already.

When: October 23, 2008
What: Jazz Up your Denim Contest
Who: Bjorn, Josef, ME and Sir Cheto (excused from classes. :D)
Where: UCC Cafe/Resto (super expensive! :-o)

Mall opens at 10:00 am. Was bored. impromptu photoshoot as much as we liked! Went inside the Glorietta Activity Center soon after...

The photo above was the fashion show AFTER we designed and jazzed up the jeans Daniel Naval (model) is wearing. (It was not just sketching...) I'm so bummed that I don't have pics of the actual process of doing the jeans. We started at what? late 10am already and ended at... wait for it... wait for it... 3:30! More or less we faced our jeans for 6 (freakin') HOURS!!! Can you imagine that? Neither can I! We didn't eat lunch. We had arguments here and there. We were super tired and I developed osteoporosis since we were working on the floor! The only thing that was running in my head was that the model should have something DECENT to wear!!!! It was like Project Runway except we didn't make the pants from scratch. :))

The judges were Regine Tolentino, Jerome Lorico (young designer) and an Advertising/ Creative Director (of some kind.. I didn't get his name but he is someone revered i suppose :))). I really didn't think we were going to win and I prayed REALLY, REALLY hard. When La Salle Greenhills was declared as the winner of the High School Division we were really suprised to say the least AND PROUD. There were deserving ones but I think we deserved it too!!! (We were all boys and we were the only one I think who followed the theme by heart! =))) When we went up the stage I even told the manager of Levi's Philippines that I, personally, didn't expect to win... to that he said, "Sometimes it's good to expect the unexpected!" Let's leave it at that. ;)

The contest was basically just about innovation, creativity and designing the jeans in such a way that it has never been done before. Hard? We say it was challenging and as soon as we got oriented about the contest ideas started pouring out and I can really say that it was a collaboration between all of us. The theme was: "Unbutton your mind... Innovate! Unbutton your heart... Create! Unbutton your Jeans... Jazz it Up!" We were inspired by the idea of being open-minded and celebrating one's indiviuality and we tried to integrate it in designing our jeans. We wanted it to be cool but not overdesigned and something that we, too, would most likely want to wear.

...And apparently we achieved it that is why WE WON!!!!

The price was 25k but we had to divide it equally among us-(including the model!) :D


jed said...

congratulations lorenz!

Lorenz said...

thank you!!!!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...


Bjorn Bedayo said...

congratulations to us! hehehe.
L, enjoy the sembreak :]

psst oi.

pasalubong from ilo-ilo! :D

reybert said...

congratulations... we were part of the college level competition.. levis said we rank the first runner up unfortunately...haha.. but that was a very challenging experience.. im from tip q.c. architecture student.. there are some pics in my album in fs of the event... reybertquirolgico24@yahoo.com

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