Old School Lorenz

I have waited for this yearbook like a magazine that I have subscribed to that just wouldn't arrive!!! (I don't even subscribe in any magazine but you get the point! ha-ha) Everyday of the past two weeks was just all about going home and finding out that this thing hasn't arrived yet. Because when you have waited for something for three years the last thing you want is to wait any longer right? Especially when you know that it is available already and you should've have it if the circumstances were different! (Obviously, I couldn't just get in a plane and rush to CdO!)

Whew! At last... the long wait is over and my nerves are calm already.... =)) Going over the pages and looking at the pictures gives me the feeling of nostalgia!!!! (Everybody now: awwww...) These faces are VERY, VERY, VERY, familiar and yeah... those days are over. (bittersweet!) And oh wait... I don't look bad in my yearbook after all!!! =))


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