That's just the way it is

This is but just one of the many examples that show just how we are so good at following instructions. [I don’t want to be placed in the “Look who’s talking…” corner so I’m not coming clean on this one. :)) (Scared? Not really… more of honesty :>)] But seriously though, how many times have we seen men ending up pissing the wall that has a sign that says do otherwise, or cars going down the highway when they very well know that their plate numbers are banned from running that day? I’m sure there are a lot!!!( I may even share some if only I’m not this careful about what I post in this little blog of mine. :P ) People tend to act much smarter or much better than what they actually are that is why they disregard simple rules as such above. But I have to admit though… "Park Facing Wall”What’s the rationale?????? =))

I know what you’re thinking… I’m no different. I know… =)) =))
I think that we sometimes can’t help but to question and push the limits in WHATEVER we do…
…I say it is HUMAN NATURE!...I guess)

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