Next Stop: Atlantis

As much as I would want to say that my next summer destination would be at Atlantis, Dubai, I won't because it's impossible. Huhuhu.

If I had my way I would like to live in a resort for the rest of my life.
The penthouse of a hotel in New York would be okay…but imagine living in Atlantis, Dubai!!!!!!

My jaw dropped when I saw how extravagant the inauguration played out and you just wonder how come people end up THAT rich! Ha-ha. I’m bitter. I wish everybody was just rich. (then my mom goes: But who will tend the farms? If everybody was rich no one would like to do labor. I guess, she is right. AGAIN.)

But take note though that The Palm Jumeirah is a man-made island, features over 70-80 kms. of artificially added coastline with the Atlantis is in the center of the crescent. "Man-made" is also used to describe how the World Islands Dubai is being developed. (yet another tourism project of tourist destination/tourist infested Dubai!!!!!!)

What do you think about man playing God?

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