16 lessons I have learned for the past 16 years:

1.) About friends- Just like in everything… you still need to favor quality more than quantity. (Cliché I know!) Have a keen eye for those whose loyalty doesn’t belong to you and don’t hesitate to drop them. You have the power to choose your friends! Don’t be scared to reach out. If you are scared to talk to the person chances are he/she is also scared of you or he/she simply doesn’t care if you exist! :)) Don’t let that discourage you from being friendly. Keep in mind that you are your environment so choose wisely.

2.) You are who you are- I’m such a free spirit and most of the time I don’t care what people think about me but there are times it does matter. Don’t let anybody dictate who you are and always be sure of what you are and what you are not. Fuck the haters. :)) People have friends and have their enemies. That’s a fact of life! :>

3.) Your grandparents’ lives are more interesting than you think– Teenagers should hang-out with them more than with their friends. The wisdom that they share is far more beneficial! All of us will grow old and treat them as how you would like to be treated when, sorry to say, everyone thinks you already are less productive.

4.) Don’t lose your dignity – As my teacher has said, “Let no one diminish or dictate how you look at yourself.” If you don’t believe in yourself then who would? Consider your strengths, talents and smarts when you feel bum that day.

5.) It doesn’t hurt to be opinionated – This would sometimes be taken against you that is why learn to voice out your opinion in a way that you are also not condemning others. My favorite line about this comes from my mom. She has said and I quote: “This is my opinion and there is no right or wrong opinion that is why it is called as such. After all, everybody is entitled to one!”

6.) Peer pressure can be avoided – When someone takes drugs or does something bad the tendency is to blame it on peer pressure. But, when you know where you’re headed and what roads to avoid then you are fine! Don’t give me the argument that you just want to fit in and be accepted because you very well know you can say no.

7.) Face the consequences no matter what – I am the type of person who doesn’t believe in regrets. Scold me all you want but when it has been a decision of mine, rest assured, I’ll stick to it. However, when that person has a point I need to realize then tomorrow is a new day for me change. ;) Everything happens for a reason is such a good mantra.

8.) Math is difficult and you can’t change that – Is anyone of you, my dear readers (HAHA! Allow me… please…), unable to do your work when you already psyched yourself that you can’t do it? YES? Then welcome to the club! :)) I have that problem of being so decided that when I think I can’t do it, don’t even expect me to try. I hate that about me…

9.) Don’t hold grudges – I don’t need to expound because everybody agrees that being forgiven and to forgive is the best feeling in this world.

10.)Travel! Travel! Travel! – I have read that “when you travel you feel that you are just a microcosm in this big universe” in an article by Patty Laurel. Now doesn’t that make you want to travel all the more? To be exposed to different cultures, meet different types of people and experience life to the fullest has been my biggest desire, waiting to be accomplished soon… I hope. :))

11.) Can I be a child again? - Innocence is something we were all so eager to get rid of back then but now it’s something we want to regain… I think so. Almost everyone smiles back to a baby trying to get your attention that is because that baby is genuine and honest… which… I don’t think we have anymore now that we are... “exposed.” Rriigght.

12.) You actually need to wash your face before going to bed- I know this should be like a common sense thing but I didn’t wash my face prior to going to bed. I was a lazy kid growing up and it was until I had acne way last year that I got that wake up call! Haha. Wash your face if you don’t want zits.

13.) Be indifferent to pain and suffering – Stoicism anyone? :)) I have included this because if it isn’t any more obvious I am a sensitive guy and to be indifferent to things you have no control over… is the way to go! :D

14.) Let nature take its course – How about a little Shintoism? :)) Have you ever experienced getting something you never thought will cross your way and that you think you didn’t even deserve it? Yes… Let nature take its course and allow the universe to conspire for your advantage. Keep everything simple and you’d be happier.

15.) Bring a picture when having your haircut –:P The solution to not being disappointed in having your haircut is to bring a picture. Don’t play the guessing game with your barber because, haha, you will have to live with it for a month! It’s a risk you don’t want to take.

16.) Zangief is from Street Fighter – This isn’t really a lesson but more of a discovery.

When I was like 9, 10 or 11...my tito told me that by saying “Zangief!” three times it will make the evil spirits leave you alone. And if you are like me who is so into the supernatural thing but isn’t into Street Fighter then I believe you will follow it.. Wouldn’t you? :)) I think it took 2 years before my tito retracted his “advice” and it made me look like a fool because I have followed it for freaking two years!!! Imagine… I was saying it EVERYWHERE and I thought it was TRUE!!!

My tito was never guilty because he believed he didn’t cause me any harm… =)) I didn’t hate him for that though. It just made me more critical and made me learn to laugh at myself (which I think is important!) :D

I hope you had fun reading this entry!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
i can't believe myself! haha.

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