Allowed to do "IT"

Everybody has some freaky tendencies... :))
This is too funny just to be passed on! HAHAH! Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were shopping in a sex store (notice the ADULT SECTION 18 years and over only... so maybe it wasn't but still they were in that aisle. :)) and they had a fan over there. Fan meeting of the year!!! HAHA! awkward... ehem. this wouldn't be stretch for Vanessa Hudgens though because she's quite experienced. :-o For the record: Vanessa is 19, Zac is 21. :D legal.

Right here, right now,
I'm looking at you cause I love the view... :>
Hungry for negative publicity, Vanessa Hudgens has yet another compromising shot with cigarettes on her lap. Why does Zac Efron give the "she-brought-me-into-this!" look all the time?

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