Get used to YELLOW!

Don't get TOO flabbergasted when you see everyone or everything in YELLOW next year. I'm informing you about this because there is such a thing as Color of the Year and despite it sounding extremely ridiculous... it's very influential! Pantone, a company that sets international standards in colors, just declared the color "mimosa yellow" as the "it" color of 2009 and design institutions are listening to them! Just look at this year that's about to close, I was very "flabbergasted" when I noticed everyone wearing dark blues, violets, and purples! 2008's color was in fact, "blue-iris" (let's just call it purple!) and it's really not so much a dictation... It's more of influencing. ;) What's important is personal style and if you look like melted butter with what you're wearing, then by all means DON'T wear yellow.

PS: Flabbergasted is flabbergasting flabbergast.

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