Defining ME

Back in 2nd year Filipino, our teacher made us do an activity: write down positive and some not so positive things about each other. My classmates had to complete the phrases "Bilib ako sayo dahil..." and "Mas bibilib ako sayo kung..." pertaining to me and to one another and jotted it down. We did the same thing now in the 3rd Year but during homeroom and only positive comments were allowed! HAHA!

The things people noticed about me changed. Haha. It's interesting how people's views about you change over time! That is why I don't believe first impressions last. I'm sure I'm not the only one. ;)

I have gone through my old stuff today and I'm so happy I got to keep them. Haha! It is really recommended for you to do the same thing. Ask people to highlight postive things about you!!! just don't be so desperate if there is none.

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