i'd like to thank Obama for being a great conversation starter! :))

Finding a taxi on a Friday night is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Soiree with St. Paul's College Pasig 3-4 :>

BEST. PERSON. EVER: Mikka Marquez (woot!)

Ubiquitous and ever present ANVAYA!
M.I.A.: Altuna and Gregg.

"Different people different stuff. Change nga naman o. OBAMA YOU ROCK!"


Estela said...

It was nice meeting you :> :> :)

Lorenz said...

Haha! it was nice meeting you rin!!!! :D :> :> :)

Jet said...

finding cabs kaya on a friday night is possible :P

Lorenz said...

=)) here's the story: we went to Podium and there was no taxi stand... so we walked to Galleria with our starbucks! :)) after arriving there the line was super long and from all ends of the mall wala talagang mahanap! %-)north. south. east. west wings! haha! effort mag comment JET ah! B-) thanks!

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