Lars and the Real Girl

I'm really impressed with this movie because of how unique the plot is! I haven't seen anything quite like it which all the more fuels my appreciation for this movie!!! (hyper much!?) haha. The person to thank for really is Miss Kate, she gave me the heads up about the movie and here I am smiling as I begin to recall the movie. . .

In a nutshell, Lars is a socially challenged person who buys an anatomically-correct doll in the Internet for him to have a companion and a friend. This odd relationship unbelievably gained the whole town's support and transformed them in ways one can only imagine. :>

A man believing that a doll is his friend? weirdo. But what if a community, a group of people - do believe that this doll is a human being? weird. let me think about that! Lars needed love so he sought for it with someone who has no prejudice whatsoever. He needed self-realization and this someone allowed him to grow. People have their own idiosyncrasies (that's for sure) and some bloom late than others. . . The movie made me feel lucky to be loved. just like Lars. :> haha.


kate said...

yey! again!:o) im glad you like the movie. it does strike a chord: everyone has his/her lars-moment; at one point or another we have become lonely or desolate, maybe we dont have delusions like lars had but im sure we have resorted to our own brand of coping mechanism: sane, insane, quirky, outrageous, cool, etc.

next: WAITRESS, starring Keri Russell
(i'll be waiting:) )

Lorenz said...

EVERYONE HAS HIS/HER LARS MOMENT -- argh! Miss Kate you kind of stole what I really wanted to say. HAHA! It's soo true. :>

Awww. >:D< Thank you for appreciating my blog!!! Although it's just my ramblings I feel that it's the best outlet for me to express my opinions with no contestation =)) THANK YOU. really. ;)

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