BA Graphic Design

Meet Artist, Shepard Fairey.
He is the one responsible for the "OBAMA HOPE POSTER" that has been circulated all over the world like it's a commodity. Well, it did Obama good because it catapulted him to pop culture status and thus became one of the most iconic images of the year that was 2008. It's so interesting because IT actually has a Wikipedia article and a feature online! He was correct in saying that his poster "found an audience". It did and it was embraced phenomenally

GRAPHIC DESIGN is not as easy as it seems everybody.... :P you need to  let simple images convey the message you want to share. 


BJ said...

kawawa siya because he is facing lawsuit. :(

Lorenz said...

Eeker. Onga eh! :-< AP wants there share of the money he has made... KAPAL!

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