Conviction then doubt

How can something feel so right one moment make you so queasy the next?

Watching this movie has totally made up for such a bad weather day. :| (Jet was stranded in Galleria, it took my parents 3 hours to fetch me in school because of the traffic, water went inside Emil's car, Estela's party has been postponed and Bjorn rescued his dog from drowning :-j.Bagyong Ondoy @-)) HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICTOR! :))))

Anyway...Ryan Reynolds in CHAOSTheory! I'm sorry for underestimating you. HAHA. I thought he was just all about superhero films and rom-coms. :) You are one great dramatic actor. There were scenes that hit me, unfortunately, watching it in a laptop dimishes it's sentimental factor. :( (There are so many distractions!! eg.: YM) My brother buys movies that I don't even know exists and I just happily watch them if I have nothing to do so... =)) This just goes to show that a movie doesn't have to be commercially successful for you to watch it. :-bd

"The most important thing about love is that we choose to give it and we choose to receive it. Making it the least random act in the entire universe. It transcends blood. It transcends betrayal. And all the dirt that makes us human. "

PS: Miss Kate you have to watch this ok? :)


Vic said...

thanks..I think..:-j

kate said...

i checked in youtube, i only saw the trailer.emily mortimer is a fine actress but i dont like ryan reynolds:)but stuart townsend is in it, so i'll try to watch this.

Lorenz said...

Watch movies online for free: SURFTHECHANNEL.COM!!! :)) You're welcome. :P

You have to. :| I watched WAITRESS and LARS and THE REAL GIRL because you said so and i'm recommending this one. =)))) If you hate it... HAHA. I can't do anything about that. :))

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