MARK! You're over tumblr and you don't know about my blog but I often read yours. :-< =)) (Kay GUIO rin.) HAHA. Anyway, the picture is so surreal. :-o We're so near this area and you have to pass this road to reach Nico's and Roi's place. @-) :|I don't even know how to end my paragraph... :|
HELP, in any way you can. :)


kate said...

i just got back from a trip saturday night. i was so scared after reading the news about the typhoon and flood in manila, was so worried for my mother and brothers in fairview.

yung talipapa daw malapit sa amin, lubog sa tubig. i was so relieved to hear that they were okay. at grabe pala talaga yung baha, katakot at kaiyak when i watched videos:(

reii said...

god. i remember living there a year ago. may konting benefits pala na lumipat ako sa bulacan :|

Lorenz said...

My mom just got me thinking about how Pres. Cory died before the elections therefore giving time for Noynoy to consider running for President. This typhoon happened also before elections and maybe these are things... we should learn from. :( We have to know what we look for and want for this country. Clean slate. A better country from this point forward? :-<

will that always be rhetorical question? I hope not. :(

Lorenz said...

@reii: Kahit sila gregg, he's thankful din na lumipat sila this year. :) From where he was staying before sobrang binaha rin. @-)

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