Estela turned 17 last Saturday (so did Victor BTW...) and the planned party was postponed indefinitely because Ondoy wanted the spotlight. :-L We decided to "surprise" Estela last Thursday by asking her if it was okay to go to her place and hang-out, making it her post-birthday soiree and she was fine with the idea. :-j NORMAL. :)) Not everybody can come because things were still chaotic but Jamie, Moira, Ariana, Ian, I, Bjorn and Nico were able to. There was just no turning back. :-o If not now.. then when? We can no longer prolong the agony so we celebrated our dear friend's birthday! :D Fast-food frezny, laid-back, chill, wholesome, and fun! :D
(Notice how Jamie is present in most of the pictures :-j, Nico and Estela FTW \:D/)

At first it was only Me, Nico and Estela. And then Jamie arrived. Followed by Bjorn and then Ariana. Soon after Ian was there and Moira came eventually. HAHA. What's the point? Wala lang. :| Akira, their dog, was terrifying. I have a dog trauma so I did freak out a bit. A LOT, OKAY. FINE. :-L Yun lang. It was purely a night of just being in the company of friends and being with the birthday girl. :> With that my friends, I end my speech. =)) =))
Parting shot: Ariana we have decent picture. \:D/ >:D<


Esty said...

Title=))))))) And hi, favorite ko talaga pic niyo ni Ariana =)))

Thank you agaiiiiiiin >:D< ^____^

Erin said...

Takot ka kay Akira? =)))) Pareho kayo ni Aa =))

Aw I missed this. :( Oh well :))

Lorenz said...

@esty: 2:00AM comment :)) >:D<

@erin:IAN MISSED YOU. :"> joke. =))

ERIN buti na lang we bonded in ATENEO :)) I miss you okay. :|

Erin said...

Ha? :))

Haha, buti na lang! Miss you too Lorenz >:D<

Jamie said...

Sorry kung present ako sa pictures okay :|
bat ka ba bully lorenz ha
why why why :-L
i will put akira in a box and bring her to cue ^_^

jet said...

jamie exposure mo ah :-" =))

Lorenz said...

HAHA. peace out. :P

@jet: HAHA. si jamie pa... :-" photogenic. :-" :))

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