I'm critical with education

Today I was with Herny and Ube inside 7-11 and there were a couple of street children who went in and bought some treats. They were able to buy what they wanted, but just as they were sitting down, the manager asked them to leave. The eldest among them did get offended and she looked at the manager with disgust. :-<

Recently, I was complaining to Ms. Fay that Math and Physics are making my life unbearable. She said that I should be thankful that this is what I consider as a problem. Compared to others who have to think of how they will be able to eat, no beds to sleep in and they don't have homes. :| I still don't get it how knowing the values of Arctan (Tan π/4) will help me help them.

I gave what I bought to one of those kids and surely I didn't have to worry about any equation. @-) I'm critical with everything. =))


kate said...

( seating > sitting down...)

you have no other recourse but to keep on trying.
it's comforting to think that you won't deal with those subjects so much once you're in college, dba?:)

Lorenz said...

:)) That's why I can't be an english teacher. :)) MISS KATE I MISS YOUR COMMENTS and HAHA I also take comfort with the fact that there is no more 5A... :-"

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