Weird but Funny

We went to my mom's secretary's daughter's debut. Guess where. :)) In McDonald's. \:D/ :)) I thought it was cool and she really had fun with her own friends. :> I was texting Estela about it and wala, conversation ended after awhile...

I went to SM Hypermart just to get my brother's refilled cartridges and just as I was entering biglang ESTELA was there with Luigi and her mom taking an exit =)))) I was in a hurry pero Estela was like "LORENZ!" =))))) WHAT WERE THE ODDS! :)) Tapos Tita said, "Ikaw ha, kung saan-saan nalang kita nakikita." =))))) ESTELA natatawa ako na we ran into each other. =)))))

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bEsty said...

I'm swift like a ninja Z(-__-Z) =)))))))))
Btw funny I ran into you kasi after non narealize ko na suot ko yung bracelet na binigay mo =))

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