Full Circle :-bd

All I ever knew about Thailand before was the name of the Prime Minister they had, Thaksin Shinawatra. :)) I knew that?! YES, because he had this creepy smile. :)) Other than that, Thailand was an unbeknownst place for me and I did not have a strong interest to go there but somehow me and my family planned to spend our holidays there! There were no refusal from anyone because traveling is everyone's hobby in the family. :)))) We took a different route this year and it's my first time not to celebrate it with any relatives and friends. :))

Thailand, as a nation, has a very strong foundation in terms of culture. They were not colonized and so their culture is very much alive, appreciated and they are proud of it. :-bd I have learned a few things about Thailand now that I've been there. Top 5 things worth noting:

1.) They have a King and a Queen! :)) Di ko alam yon okay. @-) So they have a royal family like in Britain. Their King is very much loved by the Thai people and his image is up in every establishment all over Bangkok as a sign of adoration. :D In other words, his face is ubiquitous! You can't miss it, I swear. From the time you get down from the plane and back... he is watching you.

2.) What THAILAND really means: Thai = free, Land = land...so it means? The Land of the Free! But nothing is free in Thailand. =)) (Laugh.) They are already the Number One exporter of rice in the whole word, but guess where they learned about the means and technology? Here in the Philippines. :)) Don't feel bitter. :))

3.) Bangkok is a Lookbook City! The fashion scene is intense. Everybody looks so put together;however, they all look like they borrowed from each other's wardrobe. =)) All the girls have one single signature style and that is a nice floral skirt, a blazer over a nice blouse and a statement necklace. :)) The guys all wear skinny jeans and plimsolls. :)) Their hairstyles though are so cool. :> I really wanted to take a picture of them but maybe they might think I'm rude. @-) I wasn't able to shop that much because we got so tired most of the time to go out and check the night market right behind our hotel. :(( Regret. :((

4.) Siam Niramit: It is a cultural/history show about Thailand that is staged on the Guinness Book of World Records certified, largest stage in the world ever. :-bd It is a one-of-a-kind extravaganza with a lot of performers and dancers. Their stage props are of massive proportions, the set design is so elaborate, the costumes so intricate and they even have real elephants on stage. :> The stage is about as high as a 4-floor building that allows performers to glide on air. :> It was just mostly interpretative dancing and a visual performance. No dialogues of any kind but it really is such a breathtaking performance that's unfortunately not available on Youtube. :))

5.) Thai loves Filipinos: This is a hasty generalization but allow me to explain. People ask where we come from and when they find out we are Filipinos they tell us that the Thai and Filipinos are similar and the same, both are nice and generous people. :> Our tour guide had the best summary of the tourists she has handled: "The British they are very arrogant! They think they come from another planet ah! The Australians, they always ask based from encyclopedias! It's like you stay home and read! The Indians they are sooo makulit ah and mabaho! Ayayay. The Filipinos are like Thais. Very much similar." Oh yeah, she's judgmental. =)))))))))) Racist even. Gasp. @-)


ryy said...

I LOVE #5! \:D/ my mom said thailand looks just like the Philippines.. only with buddhist stuff and cheap merchandise :P oh and elephants :))

Lorenz said...

HEY RYAN! \:D/ I knew you'd relate with #5! :)) Yeah, when they don't open their mouths you can't tell whether they are Thai or Filipino. =)) But most of them look Chinese. :))))

ryy said...

I seriously wanna meet that tour guide =)) She seems nice :> :)))) Filipinos are somewhat Chinese also naman rin eh :))
I want Thai food! @-)

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