Today is December 28, 2009. I would have wanted to wait until the New Year before I start to get nervous about the shows being on JANUARY 7 (5:30 PM), JANUARY 8 (5:30 PM) and JANUARY 9 (2:00 and 6:00PM) BUT this is the priority and heck, the stress of this play didn't leave me even during my Birthday. =)) Now let's talk about me getting nervous. :) I get realllllly nervous to the point of regurgitation. HAHA, NVM. :-j

Here's the point guys, I WANT YOU TO WATCH. YES, YOU! You should watch as CUE DRAMA CLUB proudly presents, an adaptation of GREASE at the BRO. DONATO CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS in La Salle Green Hills! :D Bring everyone you know, you don't know, should, must, would have, wouldn't have, most importantly, bring people you love. :"> :)))) On that note, these group of people who never seem to complete an attendance on everything are required to watch the GALA PERFORMANCE on JANUARY 9, 2010, 6:00 PM. :D :D :D :((((((( I'm kneeling down on both knees you just can't see me. =))) YES, I'm doing the show that night. HOPE YOU GUYS WATCH. I WON'T REPEAT MYSELF ANYMORE. HOPE YOU GUYS WATCH! \:D/ Bye. -____-


Lorenz said...

WTF REII FEELING MO -___- it's that way already okay. :))

Vic said...

oh no!!! hahaha

reii said...

ay di inapprove. sige.

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