There is this Moleskine exhibit in Powerbooks and a particular one had doodles about the Asian fashions he must have seen in his travels. It was very detailed yet fun and I got really inspired to make one about Korean style. =))

You must be living under a rock if by now you haven't heard Korean songs being played everywhere. =)) It's almost impossible not to notice them but I don't want to be Korean. :)) I'm happy being Filipino, thank you. BUT what I do like about them is their style. What's not to love? :>

Koreans walking our streets are a breath of fresh air with their unique wardrobe and eccentric styles. :> Other Asian countries definitely turn their street into runways because people dress up like they mean it. Koreans are no exception. The hairstyles, the accessories, the overall look, they always seem so put together and so IAN you're not the only one who thinks they're awesome. =))

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