Over-all Champion in the Campihan: HOUSE OF JAI! :> :>

Credit: Bjorn Bedayo
Campihan was to take place right after exams ended, December11-12, in Bluroze farms in Batangas. I don't know about you but this thought was with me everytime I took the a test! :)) Many of us looked forward to this because academics takes a backseat when you are a Senior and every possible bonding moment with your friends, class and batch... matters.

That day was also Miss Lally’s birthday and for this Bjorn, Victor and the class officers had something up their sleeve. :> I’ll skip the plan so here’s what happened: When everybody got aboard the bus, Bjorn and Joseph stalled Miss Lally and when Bjorn gave the go signal, Miss Lally got inside and that’s when Micco and I had our heated argument that was of course staged. =)) I was cursing like I meant it and Micco was furious like hell, it was really intense and Miss Lally cried trying to stop us both. =)))))) That scene was like straight out of a movie starring Miss Lally as Vilma Santos. =)) The class then sang her favourite song, “In My Life” by the Beatles, they also gave her birthday cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday. :D :D :D She was touched and the whole class had a swell of a time convincing her that we didn’t remember her day. :)))))

There were a lot of challenges to be fulfilled in this Camp including the Tent Pitching, Amazing Race, Dinner Cook-off, Creative Presentation, Morning Exercises and the Filipino Games. The House of Jai (which is an abbreviation for Saint Jaime Hilario), composed of Sections A and F, won 3 challenges making us the Over-all Champion in this event. :D :D :D The whole thing was much better than I had hoped for and when I had expected a rugged treatment, we were very much pampered with provisions. =))) WOOT. Campihan would always remind us how all of us, as a batch, had fun together and learned to appreciate one another. (oh yeah I'm being very serious. =)))


kate said...

cute ni jr at jet :)
si imperial! ang kulit pa rin ng mukha:)
si john parang may shooting:)
ang saya naman, parang 'bayay-bayay' :))
alam mo yun lorenz? bisaya for 'playing house':)

Lorenz said...

BALAY-BALAY. :| =)) Mas bisaya pa gyud kayo ko sa imo. HAHAHA. \:D/

Vic said...

Jaime Hilario is not yet a saint. Blessed pa lang siya. Sorry it's the CL in me talking @-) :-j

Lorenz said...

He was beatified on April 29, 1990 and canonized on November 21, 1999 by Pope John Paul II.

ANOOOO. :-L :)))) Medyo I make sure what I post are correct informations. :-"

I am ryan :) said...

wiki says... Lorenz is right :)) oh no Victor :o :))

monkey drinking gatorade said...

It was really fun though I think it should have been extende for nother day. The MONKEY or APE was the scarriest/best!

Vic said...

haha ngayon ko lang nabasa na mali ako...=))))) :-j

Lorenz said...

after 8 days. :>

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