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Interning at Yehey! last summer gave me my first taste of what it's like designing and doing graphics for them. =)))) I'm quite leaning towards the whole design field which is what I plan to do with my life. :> May it be in fashion, publishing, advertising... I don't know but dealing with clients (asdfghjkl) is something I'm not quite excited about. =)))) YEY MAY COLLEGE PA. :)) Visit ;;)


ryan. said...

Hey Lorenz :D Your website is now saved into the browsing history of the brothers' house :))

brother francis, my partner brother, was actually a freelance graphic designer before becoming a brother :D You should meet him some time :)

Lorenz said...

Delete History FAST. :-o

hahahah. Is brother francis the hot one? =))))))

ryan. said...

wow nice description :))

but yeah, that's him =)) he's from valle verde rin pala haha :))

Lorenz said...

HAHA. =))))) We met him na diba from the brother's orientation we had with them. :> hahah.

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