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(Went to Batangas to look for Karl Duque. =)) He's missing. :| =)) HAHA. Karl if you read this I hope you don't get so disconnected during breaks. t(-_-t) =))))You can do that after we graduate. =)))) :-j JOKE.)

I have done A LOT of thinking this week especially and going to the beach today is the best way to cap things off. :) My mind was going to explode with all of the endless thoughts, compressed emotions and disturbances of everything that happened and is going to happen. (I kept myself away from blogging because you don't post everything online. I know where to draw the line. ;;))The beach, as I've said, is like one big recycle bin where you throw all the problems you have. @__@ To find myself in the beach and when I stand next to it, I love how it makes me small. :) That I'm just a microcosm of such a vast, big universe out there and that 100000000 million miles away from where I stand... I know I don't matter and my problems may not even be considered problems. :)

I'm really glad it's 2010. :) Well, I have to be because you have to face the year positively. :)) No, I really want to. :> JANUARY 2010 has a lot in store for me and it's just the beginning for one amazing year ahead of me. ;;) YEP, 2010 will be better. :D :D :D

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Bong said...

Yeah! \m/ Love the beach! I can't wait to go back and chill. Sometimes if you THINK your problem's that bad, wait until you see the problems of other people around you... you see that yours isn't as bad as you think it is.. Sometimes you just need some wake-up call of sorts. I get that when I am with where I love to be (the beach!!). It's called perspective, I guess! :)) Have fun! XD

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