First and Last: CUE 2009-2010 >:D<

As mere human beings (This is a serious post, can't you tell? =))))) we can never decipher when the right timing really is. We decide and just hope that the consequences will turn out for the best. :) God is the Only One who knows when things should fall into place, he creates situations in our lives that allows us to be at the right place at the right time. :D

People from CUE have always asked me WHY I JOINED CUE only this year. :)))) Miss Ginny and Miss Tin told me I should've joined the drama club way earlier than just this year when I'm already a Senior. :)))) I joined CUE because one of my goals when 2008 ended was to develop my talents... if I had any (HAHA) and you know the usual "I-wanna-try-someting-different-this-year." =)) I wanted to achieve something great last year and so with JAMIE, JET and GREGG doing all the convincing for me to join CUE, I accepted the challenge and didn't know what to expect from there on. =))))) (Naiiyak na ako. Huhu.)

Actual conversation JUNE 25, 2009:

Josephine Blomdahl: As in Lorenz, are you still waiting for that moment to pass you by? I mean, seriously, don't you ever get that feeling, watching a show and thinking, "Damn, I should've been there!"
Lorenz Namalata: WALAAAAA. :-L =))))))) AYOKO MAG-AUDITION!!!! :(((((

It was not entirely fun. Just like with everything in life, there comes to a point when you feel like giving up. Rehearsals were stressful and painstaking, not to mention you also have to balance academics. :( When we would have long tests for the following day, we had rehearsals from 4pm to 8pm. I knew from the get-go that there were compromises that had to be made. Sermons made by Miss Tin, Sir Mike and the alumni sometimes left everyone in the room hopeless. :( And the infamous Ondoy who ruined our scheduled playdates last November. :| (Divine Intervention! :>) YES, these were the trials that we had to go through as members, as a cast, as friends and as one family in CUE.

On the flipside, CUE offered a positive and great atmosphere for us where we could be who we wanted to be. ;) Everyone there were each other's support system. We praised, appreciated, valued, inspired and motivated each other that we could do what was expected of us and this helped us to also believe in ourself. No one brought nobody down. :) The assessments and notes of Miss Tin, Sir Mike and the alumni paved the way for us to act better, deliver our lines with the appropriate emotion and understanding, to perform knowing that their standards had to be met, challenged everyone in a good way. :-bd Especially during the latter moments of CUE, I felt that we were one and united. Ironic that some friendships I made began when CUE was coming to an end. =)))))

If I had joined CUE earlier I could also name a number of possibilities, both positive and negative. =))))) I believe that joining CUE this year was just right. I'm already a Senior and there's no more Honors' Class I have to worry being part of next year. :> Academics took a back seat for me and that's because I chose to experience more out of my last year in High School. Perfecting a Physics Exam would not make me happy. :| Last night was the Gala performance and whoa, the sense of fulfillment I felt for myself was enough to make me cry like a baby and also since I couldn't believe it was over. :| =)))) CUE really offers delayed gratification. No pain, no gain. I finally have an overload of memories from La Salle Green Hills and most of them were made in CUE. :(((( The bottomline is: I'M SO GLAD I JOINED CUE! I'm going to miss everything about it and I'm so proud of everyone! :D :D :D I'm going to miss you! :D


ube said...

awww >:D<


Congratulatiooooons! \:D/

Jet said...

so proud of you alternate :D

Lorenz said...


APRIL: oiiii i saw you there. :)) :D

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