The Blind Side

With Sandra Bullock winning accolades with this movie and since it came in highly recommended by my brother who watches a movie almost every day, I made time to watch "The Blind Side". (I honestly didn't have anything to do any way. =))) After seeing it, more than anything, I just want Sandra Bullock to win at the Oscars. :> :D Her acting in this movie is suppressed but it was still very moving and effective. :> The movie could've passed as a Disney Channel Movie because it's too good to be true but you have to realize that this is in fact a real story. :> :> The movie ranks as one of the best in my list and and I'm having a hard time describing this movie so you just have to watch it. =)))))


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kate winslet was only the second choice to play hannah ( nicole kidman would have been perfect) in "the reader", but she won an oscar for her performance. sandra bullock might also get an oscar for her role which was first offered to julia roberts.

( may parallelism naman dba? hehehe )

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