YUP, I READ THE COMMENT. Sorry I didn't have time to reply immediately just because there were a lot of projects that I was working on. :( ANYWAY, YEY THANK YOU for getting me something from Uniqlo. ;;) And and I'd be more than willing to distribute your gifts to other people. \:D/ And oh, you know why it's better for me not to add you in YM? Because if I did, then you won't frequent my blog anymore (HAHAHA) and you're one of the reasons why this blog is alive. :D SEE YOU SOON. \:D/

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kate said...

copy. sorry, ang kulit ko :)) but now, i can stop hounding you for your answer :)

and i religiously follow your blog, sometimes it leaves me thinking: "what could have triggered this kind of post?" and i like the pics and quotes.

thanks lorenz! :)

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