Justin Reginald T. Nery! It was one of my best decisions to transfer seats and become your seat mate because not only did I gain a friend in you but you have really helped me cope with Math. :D Thank you for bearing with my pace but I know you know that I know; I just give up sometimes. =))))) SORRY. =)))) Thank you for being a great listener and for allowing me to vent out and talk to you even if I don't know what I'm talking about. =))) Thank you for telling me how many minutes more before boring Physics end. :| Thank you for laughing with me all the time. :((( I'm going to miss my seatmate. :|

Joshua Managuelod! Doodle friend, Co-Physics Hater, Cue mate, Recess and Lunch buddy and the butt of all jokes (JOKE) THANK YOU FOR BEING SABAW. You will not be Guelod if you will not be sabaw. :| I want to thank you for being my seat mate and for sticking it out with me. For the times that both of us gave up on those difficult Math and Physics Long Test and all we could do was sleep, I will never forget that. And after taking it, we would just doodle because it was something we were good at and we both know it will not save the world but at least we made ourselves happy! :> UBE HUHU. :(((

Reiichiro Nakano! The words I used in my palanca for you were real ones that you should not take for granted. =)) Because even though we have a bipolar friendship you know I wish you all the best! :)) You will not go to College like the rest of us will, but please engrave in your mind that we all hope you'd find purpose and meaning in your life. :> :> GO REII!!!

Jose Rafael Mailig! Talking to you is the easiest thing to do in this world. =)) Whenever I Log In in YM! it is always because I'm bored and I need to talk to someone and it's always you who is "available" every time without fail!!! It's a great thing because you're always the first one to know what's going on in my life and I just want to say that I'm going to miss you when you move to the US. :((((( PLEASE DON'T LOG OFF IN MY LIFE. =)))

I'll probably continue to post just to say thank you to everyone in Class 4A!
Doing it in my blog rather than in Facebook because every post I make here weighs more than my Facebook posts. :P


ube said...

medyo na pa luha ako :((
dude, im really gonna miss you guys :(

April said...

REIICHIROOOOOOOOO! ~(^____________^)~
Very cute :-j

Justin said...

wow nice. :-bd wala ako masabi. :| =))
pero feel ko dapat ako magcomment. :))
mamimiss ko din seatmate ko :(

Lorenz said...

@Miss kate: REII WILL REST for a year apparently. i don't know what he plans to do but I think he'll do some soul-searching =)) HAHHA. Sayang nga because he is being offered scholarship in DLSU. He's thinking things through as of the moment. :-j

NERY has Bronze in Math and Gold in Accounting. What a tandem. Uber math genius @___@

karl said...

Karl Myron Duque likes this! =))) :D

Reii said...

I'm done thinking. I declined na. =))

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