Both of you have the gift of GV VIBES. =)) Seriously, you guys have ways of turning anything bad into something to laugh about. It is unfair if I liken the both of you so much because you are your own persons. :)) Jet Padernal! Senior Year has been a major year with you and I'm glad to be close friends with you now more than in 2A. =)))) You know how unexplainable that year was. :)) Thank you for being a lot of things this year and it's really hard to explain your worth when I get to talk to you all the time @___@ =)) Ryan Gregory Nicolas! Camwhore. =)) Joke. Haha. You know that I think you're way mature beyond your years and you talk some sense I sometimes can't figure out on my own. :)) Thank you for the times you helped me fix my thoughts and for listening to my every whine or so. =)))) We chatted during the last day of Junior Year and you said that you can't believe we are going to be Seniors by June... Surprise! We are graduating this Sunday! :)) Thank you for making this year incredibly fun with the random jokes and observations. :| :| I will not say goodbye. :| :|


ryan :D said...

hi camwhore :-j :))

Lorenz... who said anything saying goodbye? ;) I'm DEFINITELY seeing you during summer... and college.. and when ms. kate balikbayans... and and.. wait. bahala na. :D

Thanks for everything too Lorenz ^_______^ >:D< like like.. for countless stuff haha :D

Lorenz said...

for COUNTLESS STUFF. :)))) too many memories to cherish and mention. -___--

kate said...

will hopefully get back in july, i just need to keep my sanity intact for the meantime :))

see you soon!

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