Miss Kate! :)) I got the gifts from Miss Tin yesterday. :"> AWWW THANK YOU VERY MUCH. (Virtual Hug) :((((((((((( Everything is appreciated and I didn't even expect to receive such great gifts. =)) The Collector's Copy of Archie Comics was just unexpected (I'm spending today by reading it) and the little camera keychain was also the best (Bjorn liked it too. =))) :-bd When will you go home? Because we will have our Appreciation Night this March 17, 2010 and they told me to invite you. =)) Pero diba you'll go home July pa? =))) We shall meet up with you anytime as long as you're already here because we all miss you terribly. :| THANK YOU Miss. :D (I will distribute your gifts to the others this Monday. :-" HAHA)


kate said...

you're welcome :)

that little camera key-chain has a flash :)im glad
you like the little presents. ghana chocolate is their serg here [ naabutan mo pa ba yun? ]

Jet said...

i dont have a gift :(

Lorenz said...

you have. chocolate. :-bd im giving it tom :-bd

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