Whatever happened yesterday was due to the fact that we had nothing to do at home. :)) Anything was better than staying at home and face the laptop the whole day so we were going places, wherever our feet went. :)) Sequence of Events: Gym, Jamie, Jet and I did lunch at Bigby's, Jamie had Muay Thai (THANK YOU FOR YESTERDAY :)))), then Jet and I decided to crash Migi's, MRT line was too long, We saw Gregg at Shang (CONGRATULATIONS ON THE NEW LAPTOP! :">), Jet chose a wrong bus and we were lost for a moment but we got to hail a cab, Jet kept on eating at Migi's house, Ate Trix and Victor treated us for dinner and I was home by 11:11pm. =))))) Galing no. =))))) So this isn't a very interesting post. :| :))

JET: Lorenz punta ka dito sa playground! May see-saw!!!
LORENZ: So? Punta na nga kayo dito. :|
JET: Eh wala namang see-saw dyan eh. :(
LORENZ: *** presses End Call ***


kate said...

hi lorenz! i'll be in osaka tomorrow to see the cherry blossoms so i can't go to your graduation:(

please extend my warmest congratulations to everyone, but keep the most of it :)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting.. Na mentioned name ko jan eh.. and horror stories, which is by the way, takot ka pala :) I had fun with you boys.. Goodluck in College!! -Trix

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