April 21-24

What could be a better way to start a new phase than by moving into a new house? :) And it reminds me of how we moved to Manila after I graduated from Grade School as well. :))) (If there's anyone who is good at moving on it is me. :>) We've been very busy and I haven't been anywhere since Wednesday. :)) -___- But it is has been relaxing being in our new house especially since the place is secluded and the breeze freely enters the windows. :> Found joy in talking to the people who made our curtains and what they did was difficult labor. @_@ Getting on the internet is a rarity so productivity has definitely increased for me and you know real human interaction takes place. :> Today, I started painting my room. :-" My mom said if I wanted to change my room's color I should be the one to do it. =))))) And I did buy the materials I would need. I'm hoping that by Tuesday next week, I should be done with this room. -____- Before my internship resumes again. \:D/ HAHA I'm rambling my thoughts. =))

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