Dead Poets Society

I thank Ryan Nicolas into coercing me to watch this powerful movie. :)))) It was easy for me to relate with this movie for a lot of reasons. =)) One, English has always been my favorite subject. (I'm lucky to have teachers who encouraged the appreciation of the world around us. :-") Second, I've always done what I wanted. ( I feel for those who have to meet their parents' expectations. :|) And third, I hate authoritative figures. (Those who don't listen to reason) :|

If it weren't for people who took risks where will we be? That's something I gained from watching the movie. There are many people in this world who will end up as doctors, lawyers, chemists, architects and engineers, which are essential jobs to sustain humanity. :> But I believe that some people also have to be dancers, actors, poets, writers, perhaps fashion designers even. :)))) We all have a role to play in this world and everyone has to play that role.


karl said...

True :D

ryan. said...

Ms. Kate oh! sipsip! =))) haha jk :D

coercion pala ang ginamit ko ah =)) akala ko nagging lang :-j :)))

kate said...

ethan hawke was amazing in this movie, and the other characters as well: neil, knox, charlie, robin williams. please watch, the emperors club also- i think you'll like it too

tell ryan to watch 'lars', he'll like it :)

ryan :) said...

I've seen Lars already Miss :)) Lorenz told me to watch way back when you told him to watch :D

Emperor's Club is a classic :D Good Will Hunting and Finding Forrester are some of my favorite modern classics as well.... And The History Boys! :D

kate said...

omg! good will hunting, i have a book of the screenplay. another must-see: "reality bites"

and check out some of emile hirsch's movies:
lords of dogtown
imaginary heroes
into the wild

"you're welcome emile!" :))

gregg said...

hear, hear :)

Ariana said...

Oh, wow! I just watched this rin like, a week ago! My mom has been pestering me to watch it and now I know why :)) It was a really awesome movie. Ang galing niyang English teacher! Haha. Btw Lorenz I haven't been visiting for a while cos life is busy :)) Namiss ko blog mo! ...and sige na nga, namiss rin kita. ;;) =)) Pshh. Hi :))

Lorenz said...

@Ariana: Wushu. :))))) I SEE YOU SOON AT BJORN'S BDAY \:D/ :D

ryan. said...

Into the Wild! I watched that last christmas :D i found the story quite powerful... knowing it was based on a true story and all @-)

I'll take a look into the other films... i'm sure THE Ms.Kate knows best anyway :))

Remember the Titans is also a great film. I've never seen The Debaters (also stars Denzel W.) yet, but I heard it's a must-see :))

@Lorenz: nice movie blog :> =))

Tin said...

when i saw your stat on fb, nag halungkat ako ng gamit to look for my Dead Poets VCD. watched it again for the nth time. and i love neil!

yes, u have to watch History Boys! sana pwedeng ganun sa school. :o)

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