Photos from Bjorn :)
The days that this blog experiences drought are the days I try to live my life. =)))) :-" Wednesday was Gregg's advanced birthday treat. \:D/ Jet, Ryan and I went to Shang earlier that day to watch Date Night and we bought Gregg his gift. :)) (I love giving people gifts. :>) And a funny incident happened because I carelessly left the gift in KFC but we believed it was stolen in Starbucks. =))))) So we sort of cursed Starbucks for it but ended up claiming the gift back in KFC all thanks to Jet. :D :D :D
GREGG TOLENTINO Advanced HBD! :> If you want a birthday message read my palanca for you again. ;;) =)))))))))) I wish these hang-outs happen often because it was genuinely something that I enjoyed. Staying up all night and talking about random things with your best friends in the world is kind of the reason why life is worth living. =)))))) And this is why this blog remains better than my Facebook. :P


gregg said...

thank you!!!! >:D<
yung palanca ko sayo..."thank you" message ko rin :p

kate said...

happy birthday gregg!
keep smiling :)

cute ng picture: you're all smiling happily.
cheers to friendship!

Vic said...

aww, wala ako :P

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