I Knew You

You think you know someone and it's probably your fault that you assumed, that the person would turn out as to who you thought they would be like. :| After all they might not want you to think of them that way. But you want to believe in that assumption... you want to, because the assumption is who you need in your life desperately. :(

You think you know someone but you don't. It's when people utter lines like "Akala ko" that things turn sour. Expectations = Disappointments. And you begin to question if that person who once had a great potential was never a potential all along. :| Sometimes you wish there was more to them than what disappointed you. The image you created for them has been stained just like Lindsay Lohan who can no longer appear in a Disney movie anymore. And it's getting really hard to reconcile in my brain if giving people the best assumptions is how I want it to be.


kate said...

can i buy this post? so that i cud be entitled to lament...hay :( even tin would agree if she reads this :)

lorenz, just read 'memoirs of a teenage amnesiac', i was thinking you might like it.

be a prolific blogger, keep at it:)

Anonymous said...

I just realized something.
You judge people a lot.

Lorenz said...

@Anonymous: I try to judge them by giving them the best of my judgments. ^___^ Don't you get this post? -__-

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