Miss Kate so how do I reply to you. =))) Placing it hear makes it rather impersonal. =)))) Make FACEBOOK. :(( Or I'll email you. :)) Comment it. :>

HAHA For real, I need to tell you something and I don't know your email address. =)))) Comment it here :-"


kate said...

i'm such a pain. lahat na lang reklamo sa kin: "mag-facebook na kasi!" :))

no need for reply, thanks! and your blog is like my facebook already...hahaha

kate said...


tin and i just talked and i told her, your blog is my facebook :)) she's been asking me to make fb also. i told her that i make loads of comments in your blog and she said it's just like when i used to write comments in my students' essays...
and sometimes my comments are way longer than what students wrote :))

i should really get a prize, bec i religiously follow this blog :))

hi lorenz!

Lorenz said...

@Miss Kate: That's so true :)))) But I guess it's a very effective way of making yourself influential to your students especially when they read affirmations and encouragements. :-" I'm speaking for myself right there. =))))

Prize??? :)) meron yan. Go home first. =)) HI MISS

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