To Batangas and Beyond

So tell me how stressful it is to come up with separate titles for the Facebook Photo album and for this blog post? :-L
There's no point of inviting people who regularly don't come so it was definitely a less stressful trip to plan. :)) I like people who at just one text can commit already because that's when I don't feel like I'm forcing the issue. :| Karl sponsored the transpo, we all fit in his Fortuner then boom 10 hours at the beach. ;;) :D Micco and John had their training for the day and Victor was supposed to join but his driver ditched him at the last minute. =)) We all met up at McDO Tiende except for Bjorn and Migi who we fetched along the way in SM Bicutan. :) \:D/ It was a fail roadtrip because there were no CDs and there was no iPod connector. :( So instead we sang and talked about anything and everything. :> MEMORIES \:D/
"We leave at Sunset." =))) We were able to see the sun set but this was after we did a lot of stuff prior. :)))) Buffet Lunch, Swam at the beach and the pool, buried ourselves in the sand... The beach is where everything you do seems to be right and fun. :)) Nothing can go wrong and it's just you and a whole bunch of friends enjoying everything around you. :> :> Pico de Loro though is no Anvaya. =)) More people were there and the beach looked like there was a Hindu Baptism going on. :)) Nevertheless, we all had fun. How can't you not have fun at the beach??? :>
We had our dinner in Jollibee at Tagaytay and the place was infested with actual bees. :)))) One bee decided to stick to Jet's shirt:

Everyone laughs as we watch Jet panic
Karl: "Ano ba kaya nga "Jollibee" diba.."
(okay so this is one of those jokes that you have to witness to understand. :-L)


kate said...

it's official, summer na :)i remember pico de loro from an old post in this blog. everyone looks the same and different.

and creepy goes to: jet, lorenz, karl and ryan ( group picture ) :))

Lorenz said...

OHHH MAGKAKAMUKHA NA KAMI. =)))) Jet, Karl, Ryan and I. =))))) I see the resemblance too =))

kate said...

am loving the combination of your blue and pink shirts. cuteness. the sandals i bought have the same shade of pink too :)

ryguy said...

jet's reaction was epic =))

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