We have finally moved today :D

This is our new house in Quezon City. :> :)) (You never place your complete address on the internet. :-" :)))) And I'm proud to say that I'm making this blog post right in the comforts of my new room. I have a room. :> :)))))) \:D/ The past few weeks have been incredibly chaotic. @___@ Especially yesterday when we helped in moving out our stuff from our old place. (The six-wheeler made 2 rounds. :)))) This is going to be our first night in our new house. :"> We have tons to do in the upcoming days, a lot of unpacking, painting and cleaning up and I swear, I hope this is the last time we relocate. =)))))


Vic said...

haha, North guy ka na rin :P TriNoMa ka na lagi =)))))

Ariana said...

I WILL VISIT YOU!!! >:) Ihhunt ko yang bahay na yan bwahahahah. Jk =)) So happy for you on your new room \:D/

kate said...

like a spanish villa :)

you're really starting on a clean slate: new house, new phase ( college! )...[ la na ko maisip..] )

to new beginnings..apir!

Lorenz said...

@Victor: Trinoma or Ever Gotesco. =))))))) JK

@Ariana: Yep the room makeover deserves a before and after blog post. :> :)))

@Miss Kate: Yeah it has that spanish/mexican look. =)) The grills have been painted with white though so it looks more diluted. :-"

new house
new phase
new friends (:)))) joke)

gregg said...

Lorenz!! overnight >:) joke! :p

good job! ingat kayo jan :)

karl said...

I just got back from hermitage :D
I guess this will be very exciting for you.
And... I'm really looking forward to the overnight :D =))
Joke :D
Good Luck :D

Bong said...

parang alam ko san yan ha :))

Lorenz said...

@Karl: wag kang joke. MAY 8 =)))

@Bong: where? :)) Comment back but i won't publish your comment =))))

Anonymous said...

your new house looks like rica's. -colleen

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