Bored with my jeans

Search Google and there is an overabundance of websites teaching you how to distress your own jeans. :)) I tried doing this last April but I'm just blogging it now. =)) First, you have to use the sandpaper in thinning out the area. Then you use the cheese grater to work its way through the denim and expose the fabric fibers. Use the scissors to fray these and distress the jeans some more as you please. :) DONE! Also, I'm starting the "Do-It-Yourself" tag/label since I'm very much willing to do everything with by myself and share how I did it. :-bd :))))) I'm looking forward to dealing with denim because it's supposed to be a difficult fabric to work with. :-j Denim is a fashion staple that's going nowhere and will always be a basic. ;)


Esme said...

You just have to love deconstructed stuff. Too bad its not allowed at school. :|

Lorenz said...

:)) True. Sad that I'm getting the hang of wearing this pair but it's banned from school. HAHA. Hi Esme :D

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