Face the truth

Aside from a lousy campaign strategy, ("tatapusin ko ang kahirapan": reduce maybe but eradicate?) Manny Villar wasn't elected President because no one trusted him. -____- No one trusted him because at that Senate hearing, before starting the interpolation of the C5 issue, he left and chose not to be questioned. He got a lot of flak for that to say the least.

It's always a struggle in finding out when to talk and when not to talk. I have a problem determining this myself. Is this situation worth my time in trying to explain things and defend my opinion until they get persuaded? I get tired easily especially when I can see that whoever I talk to has made up their minds even before I talk. =)) I can only argue with someone who is open-minded.

In life, it is not necessarily the truth that destroys people...mere rumors can. Take the higher road or stoop down to their level, continue to ignore or confront, risk your reputation or retain your dignity and their respect; whatever decision you make it is what is best for you at that moment. I just believe that choosing to be silent isn't the best way to go for most of the time. But when used properly, it can be as powerful and can transcend what words can't express.

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kate said...

choosing one's battles is not so easy. but if it's really someone or something worth fighting for or arguing over then one shouldn't resort to silence. although at times, silence really is the best option- putting up a fight can be done silently, too :))

hi lorenz!

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