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In three weeks (if I put it that way it makes it so soon :|) I'm going to start attending college in De La Salle- College of Saint Benilde. :) Course? Fashion Design and Merchandising. :)) I know, I know. It never sinks in to me that, that is my course. :)) I, myself, never thought that I'd be studying fashion. =)) But I see past that. The gameplan in my mind is set and people like Frank Muytjens, Billy Reid and Vincent Flumiani ends the doubt. I'm set and I'm sure. When Sassa Jimenez was asking me why I chose to study Fashion Design instead of other courses in CSB, I told her that those other courses definitely did interest me except that it's more exciting to be part of the fashion industry now. Guys are becoming more and more stylish. They are accepting towards fashion becoming a way of life...more than ever. :)) I told her I want to focus on menswear design and hopefully create a brand that would complement hers. ;;) ALL BARK NO BITE? Let's see about that. :))

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Lorenz said...

@miss kate: I did write down complement but changed it to compliment at the last minute. =)) THANKS :-"

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