All people have the same reason why they love Fridays. If you're planning to do anything crazy this is the day to do it for you have got the weekends to rest that hangover and pull yourself together. :)) I do spend my Fridays differently though.

As soon as I get home, I take a long hot shower. The heater in my dorm is busted so every morning I shower in cold water and have to do it quickly because someone is waiting. I turn off the lights and stay in bed. Under the warmth my comforter provides, while the air-con is running, I sleep without noise and disruption. My roommate in my dorm religiously finishes the entire Primetime Bida Block. I get to sleep late because after he watches I'm the one closing the lights and turning the TV off.

I have the food that I crave made and home-cooked meals complete my day. When I stay in the dorm, I eat at a nearby carinderia for dinner because I try to save. I eat Php50 meals alone and walk back to my dorm nearly satisfied. I talk to our maid about my life staying in the dorm. I don't know if she cares but I divulge everything to her. :)) 4 days of fending for myself but a Friday is the start of vacation.

I get so lonely in the dorm because I hate staying in the top part of a double deck, YM! as my only means of interaction, and when I go down to get water from the fridge, I see him asleep during commercial breaks but right when PBB flashes on TV he'd be wide awake and would giggle.


kate said...

it could have been worse lorenz :) hang in there :)

go get a cooler/mug/or something, then you don't have to go down from the top bunk for water.

Lorenz said...

HI MISS KATE! :)) I'm just frustrated that every night in the dorm is the same and my roomate isn't fun to be with at all. =)) BUT yes I realize the things I'm appreciative about. :-" :D thanks for reminding. :)

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