You can call me Lorenzo any day :)))))

EFF I don't know how to blog.
(Cue music: Nothin' on you. Press Play. "...beautiful girls all over the world I could be chasing but my time would be wasted...")

By default Georgina's Blair and so Isabelle could very well be the Serena. =)) These two are so fine that I couldn't believe it that I was conversing with Belle Daza. I told her that I was really nervous talking to her but she engaged me in a conversation after learning my school and course. HAHA. My course is such a great an okay conversation stater...sometimes. :| =)) It depends on how the person would react to it. (There are two ways I have observed. It's either "Why Fashion Design? Are you gay?" or "COOL! I like the plan that you're having a niche market for guys. That's really awesome!") She said the latter. =))))) HAHA. She's really much more beautiful in person. I mean, when I see her on TV, nothing strikes me about her but then see her in person and you'd stutter. No, that was just me. =))) She kept calling me Lorenzo the whole time but I was too shy to correct her. =))))))) Told her that she'd be my muse in the near future and her enthusiasm about it made me high for that night. :)) Model looks + Conversant = Dream girl. Sucks she told me she had a boyfriend. :| :))


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dana canicosa said...

Wow! She was my schoolmate in La Salle and we were in the same department. :) But we never became classmates. :l

Lorenz said...

@Dana: RIGHT! Both of you took up education! @-) =))) :> She told me about it. :))

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