Tin Iglesias

Tin is taking up Clothing Technology in UP Diliman but despite still being in college she has done commissioned fashion illustrations, fashion styling and she writes for Malaysia-based fashion website Tongue in Chic. Not to mention that she also has an awesome sense of style that people look up to her for. I like nice people and Tin Iglesias is one of them. :) I've first visited her site through Esme's own (I think either late last year or early this year) because when I'm bored I stalk people. Sometimes. I really liked her Black and Blue work knowing that I'd be coming up with them when we have our majors in 3rd Year. She has been extra nice dropping by my blog and appreciating my art so I thought it'd be cool if I could draw her. :)


ryan. said...

Clothing technology! :)) the name still amuses me =)

Lorenz said...

:> RYAN that was my second choice in UPd. :)) Technology makes it sound all so scientific no? :))

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