I always find it hard to resume back to blogging after a long gap...
Me, Ryan, Roi, Migi, Jubby, Unknown Specimen, Gregg and Bjorn! :)
(MIA: Karl who had a test in Ateneo that very evening, Nico who was IDK just busy,
Joseph who was still on his way and Victor who was still singing back in Taft. -___-)
But I have to blog about this awesome day that was Migi's 19th. :)) This week was all about birthdays. August 25 (Migi's), August 26 (Ryan's), August 27 (Uhh, my brother's), August 28 (Emil's), August 29 (Esme's). =))) So judging from all these, I think it's safe to say that they were all made on the month of November. =)))) Okay, wala lang. -__- Anywaaay, most of the guys came, hence, the mandatory group shot. Which leads me into wondering if we would still do this when we reach our 40s? =))) I missed seeing these people now that college has shifted the dynamics of things. New friends, different work loads and a whole lot more to adjust to. And when we get the chance to get-together again it's almost always like we bounce off from where we left things and that's how it always should be...I heard. HAHA. It was definitely worth cutting my last class for that day and head over to Migi's place earlier instead with the rest because... ang tagal matapos ni Victor sa choir practice niya. =))))) :|

Ryan in the prescribed Ateneo uniform (Where's your boat shoes? :))) and Migi who BTW won last elections in DLSU! And if you haven't heard, Bjorn won as the SDA Frosh Rep as well! NUUXXX. Success stories. HAHA. (pics from Bjorn)


UP NEXT: Victor's 18th! September 17-18! :D


Vic said...

Konti pa, pangalandakan pang late ako :|:| =))))))
Kung wala sa Egypt nasa Coro =)))))))))))))

Lorenz said...

NUUXXX feeling jetsetter. =))))

karl said...

Nice! :D parang wala pa ring nagbabago, judging from the pictures :D

Esme said...

"So judging from all these, I think it's safe to say that they were all made on the month of November. =))))"

Winner, the corniest line of all the corny lines. Pagtatawanan na kita. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA. =))))))))))

Lorenz said...


@Esme: HAHAHAHAAA ehhhh don't judge. :))))))

karl said...

Sayang nga eh.. it's worth a hell lot more kaysa yung chem LT na i had to take. sorry

ryan said...

isn't it 9 months lang? :P I came out 3 weeks early pa naman... so december baby! I was made on christmas day :D

Lorenz said...

@Karl: SEE KAYA RESCHED YOUR COMMUNITY SERVICE! -__- Go to Vic's Bday in Bulacan \:D/

@Ryan: HAHAH anong you came out 3 weeks early? DUH 9 months lang kaya yung pregnancy. :)) :|

ryan said...

i came out into this world 2 weeks earlier than expected :)) DEC-JAN-FEB-MAR-APR-MAY-JUNE-JUL-AUG count. 9 months. july babies are conceived in november :> i know this. i made a list of this back in 4th year coz i was bored during physics -__-

Lorenz said...

NO!!! Ano ka ba... TAMA AKO. MALI KA. -___- :)))

Conceived: November!!!
Gestation Period: Dec-Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-June-July
9 month: AUGUST!

-___- tama akoooo

ryan said...

you do know that by accepting your theory, i'm denying myself the chance to be a christmas baby -___-

You didn't take into consideration my 2 weeks earliness or the possibility of rapid gestation -__-

DECEMBER -____- you're an April baby. conceived on april fool's day? :))

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