I'm groggy during Fridays

We all want, we want to be famous. (no, thank you.) We all want to be like James Dean. (Hell yes!) See Miss Kate? I told you I got it framed. :"D :))) The poster came from Miss Kate, it was her gift when she got home from Japan a month ago. I didn't expect it but I definitely thanked her for it. I get amazed because she gets the rights gifts for me all the time and so I would have to return the favor. =)))))) HAHA. When I was painting the walls of my room I had in mind having a wall all set-up for my style icon but then I had doodles so plans were scrapped. This poster is a welcome addition to my nest and James Dean's quote is the most apt. Oh, and I heard this on the car and so it was my cue to post this James Dean blog entry already. :)))) Listen to Famous by Scouting for Girls:
Na na na na na na na na na na..... Everybody wants to be on TV... Na na na na na na na na na na :-"
James Franco? || Status Mag Sept Style Issue!!!! :D Everybody's up for an interesting read about Katy Perry. \:D/ :)))
It's worth it. :-bd

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