Rebel Without a Cause

As much as I enjoy watching new films, classic movies I do not to bypass. Either that or I just watched this because Miss Kate called me a phony for not seeing any James Dean film. :))) I wanted to watch this even before back in my Grease phase but it was not until Ryan lent me his DVD that this goal became plausible. I was unsure about finishing the movie because it didn't seem appealing at first but I'm glad I did.The characters in the story had plots of their own and it was interesting to see how all of their paths intertwined. And that distraught kid, Plato and his weird admiration for Jim. =)))) And obviously James Dean as Jim Stark fits perfectly like a glove. Well, basically the movie is machismo-ism at its finest. Defending one's ego and reputation and living up to what men need to do.The story was new for me and surprised me that I actually enjoyed it.

This movie solidified James Dean as the King of Cool and because he died an early death at 24 , the image is his forever: red jacket crisp white shirt, blue jeans and a cigar on that pompadour hair. (And I think right now I'm a legitimate fan.)


kate said...

one movie...and you profess to be a fan?

kulang pa yan! hahahaha

Lorenz said...

MISS KATE YOU'RE BEING MEAN =)))))))))) But it's not working =))))

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